Corporate Acceptable Behaviour

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People ask me, “What is acceptable behaviour?”  My answer is always, it’s about being nice to each other.

Acceptable behaviour is what we perceive to be acceptable, so flip that and what we are really talking about is unacceptable behaviour, or in a worse case scenario, bullying.

Most people are familiar with the term bullying.  Bullying in the workplace is sadly commonplace and it is thankfully now being recognised as unacceptable.  In some cases, unacceptable behaviour can lead to a criminal record for the perpetrator and long term sickness, ill health, anxiety disorders, self medication with alcohol and or drugs, self harm and in suicide.  The statistics are out there, so why has unacceptable behaviour in the workplace, or bullying not been a criminal offence until now?

There is a law called the Protection of Harassment Act 1997 this says that a person should not be subject to stalking, fear of violence, serious alarm or distress.  If a person is found guilty of any of these, the perpetrator can face a custodial sentence.

Stalking includes the use of social media to make someone feel distressed of under duress.

In my career I have met staff members that are so scared to go to work that they are using alcohol habitually to deal with the pressure, I have also met people that have had diagnosed heart conditions, but have discharged themselves from hospital so they don’t get in trouble for not being in work.

Are these two scenarios acceptable?  Absolutely not.

Over the years, I have supported 100’s if not 1000’s of people, it doesn’t matter where a person fits in the organisation, bullying or unacceptable can happen to anyone.

Or maybe you are worried that your own behaviour is unacceptable and would like support in managing how you deal with things?

Or you may have no issues within your team/organisation but agree with me that raising awareness is a preventative measure.

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