It’s all in the mind – weather woes and more

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November 1st – It’s very autumnal here in the UK and I hear on a daily basis that the weather is driving people crazy, making them feel down and putting them in a right ‘state’. How many times do you walk into work on a bad mood because it’s raining or cold?

Really? How can the weather put a person in a right state? Does the weather control us? If you have vitamin D deficiency and you unfortunately suffer with SAD (seasonal affected disorder) then I understand how the darker and shorter days can put make you feel under the weather. (No pun intended).

However, do you know that the weather and other things that make you feel stressed, ill, irritable, emotional or other can be helped by hypnotherapy, or mind coaching.

I am a highly experienced hypnotist and mind coach, this means that you need me to help you through the long winter and help you to feel brighter and lighter and energised.

With just one session of hypnosis or mind coaching you will become unstuck in your beliefs and attitude towards the winter, (or other things).
After the second session you will be feeling better than you have in a long time and the consecutive sessions afterwards it will really be embedded into your subconscious mind that you can let go of whatever it is that is stopping you feeling absolutely brilliant. please use this form to contact me today – I look forward to hearing from you. Please also check out my other website for more information

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