Have you ever wanted to just be nice?

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Have you ever wanted to just be nice?
Just being nice to each other is a challenge to some people. Why?

We are all complex DNA made up of particles, beliefs and a whole bunch of negativity.  If we are really lucky, we have a sprinkling of ‘niceness’ but why is it so difficult to be nice to each other?

For over 6 years I have been teaching people how to be nice to each other in the largest public funded health authority in the South West of England, (as well as the UK).  On a daily basis, I teach people how not to bully, how not to belittle and how not to harass.

If everyone listened to me, the health authority would not be spending tens of thousands of English ££’s on providing sickness pay to the people on the receiving end of the abusive treatment – if people were being nice to each other, people wouldn’t be stressed, people wouldn’t be self-medicating with alcohol and people wouldn’t be taking the abusive and damaging behaviours home to their family and making life just about as abhorrent as possible for everyone around them.

What can be done to stop this behaviour?

I can come to your company and give you all a unique presentation.  I will present to HR, senior managers, directors and line manager and by using my very own and totally unique approach to dealing with this kind of behaviour in the workplace. I will also, give presentations to your teams.  I will then give you the tools to omit this kind of behaviour.

My passion in my drive to change behaviours for the better, this will ensure that you have a more efficient, effictive and happier workforce – this will save your company £££££££’s.

What have you got to lose?

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