Cyberlife v Personal Life – Have you got your protection on?

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Have you got your sun protection on today? The sun is shining brightly and you need to protect your skin. 😎


Equally, have you protected your cyberlife today? Use these 5 tips to ensure that your cyberlife protects your personal life.

1/ Ensure that you are only posting things on social media that are not identifiable to where you live or work or where your children go to school.
Potentially you can have a stranger standing outside your house or workplace that you haven’t invited.
Or, a potential predator outside your child’s school.
2/ Ensure that if you partake in boozy barbecues that you don’t decide to tell the world how much your manager/clients/customers annoy you (you will lose your job and/or business), reputation is everything! Don’t spoil it.
Once you have posted a rant-worthy comment, even if you delete it, it will already be on all of your connections news thread. There will be consequences.
3/ Don’t throw a sickie and then take photos of you at that beach party! Selfies are a sure way of getting you a disciplinary when you are too ill for the office.
4/ If you associate with employees or colleagues outside of work, please ensure that if pictures are taken that you have the permission of the people in the picture to upload them to social media (data protection laws apply).
5/ Do not get involved with sexist/racist/prejudicial/hate crime online. Even sharing posts that show inappropriate content can lose you your job, your business, friends or family members.
It might be time to book us for a bespoke Cyber Awareness and Resilience Online workshop.
By raising awareness you will ensure the integrity of your business and workforce.
Reputation and safety is an investment that every business needs.
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