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You may not think that you have what you want – but do you have what you need?

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“You are everything that you need and have ever needed.”

You are your own best friend, your own worst enemy, your own saviour and worst nightmare.

You are the best and worst thing in your life and the you are the only goddamn person in the world that knows this. Correct?

NOW, look into the mirror or catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window and smile. Really smile, tell yourself “I am my own best friend and I have everything that I have ever needed” Do it!

If you believe that you haven’t got what you want in your life, think about what you want, focus on the things that you want and not what you currently have or have not, focus on breathing, focus on smiling, focus on how you and only you are IN CONTROL of everything in your life.

OK, so, you think that all of the things that you want and need mean success and happiness, that success is more money, better clothing or a nicer car, success is a mark of your personal achievements, and a mark or being richer, better or more important than others. No! stop it now, stop it and shut up – become familiar with STFU! Focus on the here and now and work out what you have already.

Stop and just breathe, breathe in and out and see how easy that is, now think of that time when you had to run for a bus, run around after a toddler, run up a hill, down the road or because your goddamn life depended on it. Do you remember that your breathing became harder, more difficult and you didn’t like it.

Do you know why you didn’t like it? The answer is quite simply because it got harder. It got harder and you felt uncomfortable, yes? I think that was a yes.

So, you know that time when it got harder and you didn’t like it, what could you have done to change that, walk and don’t run, give up, lie down and do nothing? No, because that time that you had to run, YOU REALLY HAD TO RUN – no matter what the reason, you chose to run, it wasn’t going to be easy, your breathing became faster, quicker, harder and your adrenaline pumped through you and YOU DID IT. You bloody well did it.

Why? because you had to – Why? because it was the only option, Why? because you made that choice.

You chose, that was your decision, it was hard and you did it, you are amazing!

Now, what about adapting that to making a change to your life, really great big huge, life changing things in your life – it won’t be easy, it will ultimately be harder than you could ever imagine, but you need to do it, you need to start the journey today. There is no one in this life that will do it for you.

It is way too easy to want, want, want and do nothing. It is way too easy to lie down and moan and be envious and jealous and so full of regret about every goddamn element of your life, but if you want to change, it is your choice, run for the bus and don’t walk – life is short and you only have one chance.

You are wealthy, you have breath, you have a voice and you have an opinion. Make friends with you, be you and make those changes.

Do something today – choose choice as this my friend is the only way that you will be who you want to become.

Which new version of you will you become?

For more details – please contact me today – I look forward to changing your life.

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